Music systems heard but not seen.

If your music setup just isn’t doing it for you, then our multi-room audio systems may be perfect for you and your home. No more carrying tablets or laptops, worrying about speakers or having to move devices from room to room – our multi-room audio systems will store your music library centrally and allow you to access it from any room, play it throughout your entire home, or even keep it to only a selection of rooms.

Our systems are all bespoke designs, made specifically for our clients. Whatever the specific needs and requirements of you and your home, we can come up with the perfect system to accommodate and enhance them.

Stream music from any mobile device

A simple app allows you to control everything centrally, wherever you are, meaning that getting the most from your audio couldn’t be easier. Or, for an even more user friendly and stylish addition, we can install handy wall touch screens to be operated in any room. Our builds range from affordable entry-level setups to the true cutting edge in home audio systems – so you can be sure we can find something appropriate to your budget and ideas.

Why Choose Us


iHome|UK are an independent home technology specialist company with over 12 years experience designing and installing multi-room music systems throughout Leeds, York and Harrogate.

  • Complete Control

    We can provide a full turnkey solution from design through to final commissioning.

  • Passionate about the connected home

    We take great pride and care with every installation. All our engineers go the extra mile to provide you with a great installation and service.

  • Support and Service

    After sales customer support and service is as important as the installation itself. We are only a phone call away to deal with any issues that may arise.

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